The Cupcake Cafe Leek

Cupcake Cafe & Bakery
7a Stanley Street
ST13 5HG

Care to find out a little About Us?

Cupcake Van Carrot Cake

Opened discretely on the 26th October 2011, Cupcake Cafe is the realisation of a dream for its owner Jessica Hawksworth (Pictured... (she is not a van or a cake herself)). Following three years at university studying something completely unrelated to yummy cakes Jessica decided that the time and place were perfect to start her own business which we all call Cupcake Cafe!

As people who know Jessica will testify, she has always had a natural ability to create the most delicious and wonderful cakes, although anything she turns her hand to will end up somehow being better and tastier than it was before. It is this raw skill that has prompted everyone fortunate enough to try her cakes to suggest she branch out on her own because simply put, the world is a better place when Jess is baking!!!

*Jessica is not responsible for this content and will likely kill me after reading it -Chris*