A light bulb moment…


As if someone had turned a light on, I realised...


Whilst watching a film at the cinema I realised why I like book group – just like viewing the director’s interpretation of a novel – it is interesting to hear how other people interpret the story and characters within a book.


Recently, we read Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall and the personality of Thomas Crowell came into question: does he make the most of each situation he finds himself in or is he an evil genius? Although, I side with the first interpretation, there is one lady in our book group who sides with the latter because she has read too many books of this genre to think anything else. Of course, no one will ever know what the actual man was like, but the way Hilary Mantel portrays his personality in this book is definitely disputable.


I wonder if the fact that I am trained in a social science propels me to hear people’s views and listen to the factors that influence their decision. It is amazing that one book, which ever book that might be, will always produce a plethora of interpretations and views.


One thing is for sure, I always go home after book group knowing the plot, the themes and the author’s intentions better!

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