The Cupcake Cafe Leek

Cupcake Cafe & Bakery
7a Stanley Street
ST13 5HG

Welcome to Cupcake Cafe and Bakery!

Cafe Seating

Cupcake Cafe and Bakery is located in a building entirely suited to cafe life. As customers will quickly notice the ceiling is lined by beautiful rustic wooden beams! There is enough seating to accommodate 20 people with tables able to seat either 2 or 4. We make everything possible on site from scratch using only the very best, locally sourced ingredients.

Our Menu is Special!

Here at Cupcake Cafe and Bakery we think that it's a shame to repeat all of the same food over and over. We aim to be different from everyone else by ensuring we have an ever changing specials menu for both savoury food and cakes! This way our beloved customers can try something new each week!